On Saturday, November 6, 2010, the very charismatic Tim Gunn and his Liz Claiborne Inc. team brought a fun afternoon to Metro Detroit.  A fashion show located in the north court at Troy’s Somerset Collection was hosted by Gunn featuring Fall fashions from Lucky Brand Jeans, Kate Spade New York, Juicy Couture and Monet Jewelry.  While enjoying these brands under the Liz Claiborne Inc. umbrella, the audience really took to the enchanting runway looks as well as Gunn’s funny, yet honest commentating.

In comparison to last year’s show, the beginning had a few quirks which made a few of Gunn’s fans a bit frazzled.  With seats already taken one hour before the show, several ladies scurried around trying to find a place to sit, merely to wait another hour before their favorite TV star hit the stage.  Last year, fans and shoppers were able to call a reservation phone number and reserve seats for the show.  This year, there were less seats surrounding the runway and no reservations were allowed, leaving the open seats available on a first come first serve basis.  In truth, at first, this was hard for some fans to swallow, but once Tim arrived, the ladies began to swoon in the crowd and all things were better once they heard his voice.

Co-host of the hit TV show Project Runway and Chief Creative Officer of Liz Claiborne, Inc., Gunn had no problem giving honest fashion advice as the models walked down the runway.  “The older you are, the dicier the jeggings get”, says Gunn while speaking about grey skinny jeans and jeggings for women of different shapes and sizes.  “Look in the mirror and ask yourself, do I look ridiculous”?  Gunn is not a fan of the trendy jeggings and admits he feels jeggings are better for teens and women in their twenties. He even advised they are more apporpriate for women with taller, thinner frames as opposed to  shorter stockier ones.   Gunn is always known for pointing out the hurtful truth when it comes to fashion, and quite honestly, he’s doing all women a favor by giving blatantly honest advice. And looking in the mirror before we leave the house ladies, will definitely help us recognize our fashion faux pas before our friends do.

Tim Gunn, with his signature eyebrow lift, had no problem commenting on the stunning Kate Spade line.  This leopard print Mercury Bette Dress by Kate Spade is perfect for a special occasion during the day as well as the evening and can be dressed up with colored tights and a great pair of heels.  The Mercury Marsha sequin  skirt is also by Kate Spade. This hot little number can easily be worn with heels or boots, a sweater or blazer and accessorised with an adorable headband or hat.  It’s definitely a versatile piece and  a must have piece for Fall.  Finding signature pieces that you can wear over and over again in different ways to different occasions is the best way to get your money’s worth and still look like a million bucks.

“Pink can become very juvenile, very quickly”, Gunn says.  This Kate Spade pink cardigan is paired with a great pair of well fitted dark denim jeans, a t-shirt underneath for a youthful layered look and a pair of great heels in turquoise. It’s now important to stay away from matchy matchy looks and applying a very youthful color to a sophisticated yet feminine outfit is also key.  This look is great for Moms and ladies alike who want to feel both pretty and stylish at the same time.

Looks from Lucky Brand Jeans consisted of thin layers and mix matched prints. An airy floral print with horizontal stripes is certainly a fun way to express your feminine side.  Although short denim shorts are in this Fall with tights (always wear tights), make sure you look in the mirror and ask yourself if YOU should be wearing them.  Just because the models on the runways are wearing them doesn’t mean the look is right for you.  “We want to empower you with our clothes, you can make them your own”, says Gunn.

Detroit’s own Rhonda Walker, a news anchor for  Local 4, surprised the crowd in a gorgeous red day dress by Kate Spade, tights and leopard print flats.  Stunning as always, Walker looked great on the runway and her Detroit fans were excited to see her sporting such a great color.  As you may already know, Walker has been named the “Best Dressed Female” by Hour Detroit in 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009.

Both the mirrorball check jacket encrusted with rhinestones and the sateen boyfriend blazer, by Juicy Couture, are worn with a cropped pant and t’s for a fun layered look. Scarves and faux fur stoles are also big this Fall which are two accessories that can be worn beautifully by women of all ages.

 At times, Juicy Couture  has a reputation for being for the younger crowd but not these hot looks.  Whether worn with heels or boots these three dresses by Juicy Couture can be  fun for anyone.  The crinkled chiffon dress is worn with a yellow slip for a touch of color, the cropped faux fur jacket is worn with a neutral color dress, and the black long sleeve mini is paired with a great necklace to make an unforgettable statement. 

Monet Jewelry provided timeless jewelry pieces for the show and handbags from the Kate Spade New York and Juicy Couture Fall lines were also used.  Leaving such an impression on us, we guarantee you’ll be seeing more of the bags here on glamorousmoms.com.

As always, we love it when Tim Gunn comes to town.  Somerset collection was quite a buzz after his arrival.  Some fans who spent the qualifying $150 at Lucky Brand Jeans, Juicy Couture & Kate Spade New York, waited in line for over an hour to meet Gunn, but, “It was all worth it”, said one fan as she walked away with a great photo of herself with her fashionable icon as well as a few fashion tips that will go a long way.

The looks from the show can all be found at Lucky Brand Jeans, Kate Spade New York, and Juicy Couture stores at Somerset Collection in Troy.  To view a slide show of the event visit Examiner Detroit

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