Okay ladies, it’s time we come together and ban mom jeans.  What do they do for us?  Not sure? Well, let us tell you. Mom jeans have been around for years and we mean that literally.  Many of you have mom jeans in your closets since the 80’s when the popular fabric washes were stone wash, acid wash  and light wash.  Now that it’s 2011, it’s time to get rid of those jeans and step into new trends that help flatter our figures not make them look worse.

Mom jeans have the tendency to make us look bigger than we  are in the most obvious places.  The shape of the jean adds length and bulk in the hips and lower abdomin, the exact places that make most women feel insecure already without the help of the jeans. They are unflattering specifically because they sit a few inches above the belly button causing a bulging tummy and tend to flatten the buttocks.   The long cut from the top of the jean belt line to the inseam in the inner thigh, shapes a women’s body to look fuller and longer, sometimes putting us in an egg shape which is usually not the true shape of the person wearing them at all. 

Most of the time, moms tend to hold on to old clothes because they focus so much on buying for their children and tend to put themselves last to save money. Getting rid of your mom jeans and buying new jeans doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Newer flattering cuts and darker washes can be found almost anywhere, as long as you know what your looking for.  Once your closets are cleaned out and your ready to make the change for a newer more beautiful you,  follow the guidelines below when shopping for your new flattering jeans.

  • Do look for darker washes.  A dark denim tends to be dressier and is appropriate for most occasions.  A darker denim can also make you look longer and leaner with a streamlining effect.
  • Always have at least one trouser jean in your collection for a classier/dressier look for the days you need to step it up a bit but are still in the mood to wear jeans.
  • Refrain from buying jeans that are ripped, torn or distressed in anyway.  There’s nothing beautiful about ripped denim.  Distressed jeans are a big “no-no” for moms of any age.
  • For full hip & thigh figures – A higher rise in the rear will cover and contour voluptuous curves disclosing bulges. A flared leg will balance out any extra weight on top.
  • For figures thicker in the middle – A higher rise jean might be best to smooth out and cover muffin tops or belly rolls.  A tighter low rise jean will only accentuate bulges and rolls, not cover them up, making you look heavier. Just be sure your high rise jeans aren’t like the traditional mom jeans and are 5 inches above the belly button.  Be careful with how high they actually fit over your waist and tummy.
  • For boyish figures – A form fit at the waist with a stretch to the denim will help accentuate the hips and adding a small flare at the ankle will give an illusion of curves even for the straightest of figures.
  • Make sure the length is enough to reach the top of your shoe.  Never wear jeans that are so long your stepping on them and ripping them. Also never wear jeans that are too short, these will make your legs look thicker and shorter when the goal is to look longer and leaner.


Photo – Courtesy of regardingannie.wordpress.com

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  • I totally agree about everyone needing a pair of trouser-style jeans in their wardrobe!

    I have such a hard time finding jeans that fit properly. I’ve tried a variety of price ranges and stores, but always wind up with a huge gap in the back. For any other type of pant, it’s a relatively quick fix, but with denim, it’s so difficult to tear out and make the alterations for a proper fit.

  • One of my goals this year is to get a pair of jeans that actually fits!! Great article!

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