The peplum, a term dating back from the 19th century, is a short over skirt usually attached to a fitted jacket, skirt or dress. In particular this extra piece of flared fabric is sewn to another garment so it lays “just so” and hangs from the dropping of the waist. The modern peplum that we are all more familiar with became popular as a women’s suiting design in the 1940s. During this time, suit jackets were fitted at the waist and fabric extended beyond the waist in a overskirt. From then on designers have been creating their own unique styles of peplums and the modern life of the cutsie addition emerged.

As we mentioned in our recent post,  Top 12 must haves of 2012 , the peplum is a 2012 trendy must have that is geared towards keeping you feminine and modern.  Peplums can be found in all sorts of styles. If your new to the peplum world choose a blouse that flares at the waist instead of ruffles. Choosing a blouse or a fitted jacket with a less obvious peplum in the beginning of your peplum journey will allow you to ease into the trend if you’re a bit shy.  If you’re not one who is shy, go all out girl! The peplum is in and so is looking feminine and unstoppable.




Photo – Jason Wu Belted Peplum Dress.  Available at Nordtsrom




Shannon Lazovski

Shannon Lazovski is the editor and owner of  She also owns, is a MichMoms blogger for the Detroit News and is the founder of Detroit Mom Bloggers; connecting mom bloggers in the Metro Detroit area with pr firms, brands and each other for social media campaigns.  She is a freelance writer, fashion and mom blogger, service & product reviewer, image consultant and make up artist wrapped up into one little beauty obsessed package eager to share what she knows to help others shine.  She loves to collect, jewelry, handbags and heels (typically the higher the better) and cannot get enough when it comes to the subjects of beauty and fashion.


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