For the last couple of years, I have become not only familiar with the Purely Pro Cosmetics brand but have also become an official product stalker!  Now, yes, I use all sorts of products from many of my favorite companies, and being the beauty junkie that I am, I have favorites across the country from Detroit to London. I can name 100 companies that are my favorite right now but will only promote one or two products from their line after I try them.  Why?  Because what’s different about me is, I don’t market products I don’t believe in.

Many bloggers out there, will take any and all opportunities they can.  That’s why you see toilet paper deals on their blogs and honest and positive beauty product reviews on mine.  I ONLY promote companies that I believe in and love.  I also only promote products that work.  So believe it or not, my heart is in every post and I believe in the products and companies I promote.  That’s why I’m about to tell you about 5 of my favorite Purely Pro Cosmetic picks. For one, I believe in them because I know the owner and the remarkable staff and two, I use them myself, on stage and off.  I stand by their customer service ethics and stand by the products too!

If you’re use to running all over the place picking a single item from one brand to another….Let me make it easy on you. Let me share my favorites with you from Purely Pro to help limit your running around time and to introduce you to a line that you just might die over.

Top Five Purely Pro Picks


Purely Pro Glossware

Purely Pro Cosmetics glossware, $22

Purely Pro’s lip glosses are enhanced with vitamin E, moisturizers, and aloe to keep lips hydrated, soft and supple. Available in 40 unique shades.  Shades you MUST try that I love? Try Pink Lady, Black Cherry, Nouveau and Petal (shown above). I also recommend clear to wear over your other lipsticks or a nude liner on your casual days.

Retexturized Face Primer

Purely Pro Cosmetics, Retexturizing Face Primer, $27.50

If you’re tired of your makeup slithering off and disappearing by the end of the day, try this retexturizing face primer.  It’s my go to product when I have a long day of meetings.  I especially use it during my appearances and guest speaking jobs.  I will also be relying on this product to keep my make up perfect under the hot stage lights during Mrs. Michigan this Saturday.  A primer is key to making your makeup last all day, and this product does the job!

Five Well Eyeshadow Pallet 

Purely Pro Cosmetics Five Well Eye Shadow Pallet, $45

To me eye shadow is important.  Whether I need a neutral color for day-to-day or fun rich hues for special occasions, I can never get enough.  I love the five well eye shadow pallets because carrying one product with 5 colors inside is such a benefit.  What ever I need it for, I will always have it because all of my favorite colors are inside.  The picture above shows the “Get Gorgeous” pallet.  I also recommend Glamazon, Diamonds Darling and Plum Crazy!

Mouse Foundation

Purely Pro Cosmetics Mousse Foundation, $28

A foundation is key to balancing out skin tone as well as covering rosacea, blemishes and dark spots and circles.  But, while wearing foundation it’s important to wear the right color and find a light finish that makes your skin look and feel smooth and soft, not cakey.  Purely Pro Mousse foundation is so light and airy,  you won’t even feel it on your face. It’s paraben-free and gives your skin the perfect light to medium coverage.

Blush Powder

Purely Pro Cosmetics Blush Powder, $6.20 and $20.00

Your make up isn’t nearly done until you highlight your cheeks with a beautiful blush.  The Purely Pro formula is perfect for all skin types. I recommend Cheeky, Excessive, High Five (shown above), Strawberry and Simmer.

There you have it, my top five picks from Purely Pro Cosmetics.  When I am under stage lighting or have to wear the “perfect face” all day, I can not go without my Purely Pro!

Shannon Lazovski

Shannon Lazovski is the CEO of SoGlam Media, editor and owner of and She is a Public Relations & Social Media Professional that also enjoys event planning, blogging and fashion, beauty & image consulting.  She loves to collect jewelry, handbags and heels (typically the higher the better) and cannot get enough when it comes to the subjects of beauty and fashion. Follow her on Pinterest.

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