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Beauty necessities fill our handbags from day to day.  I like a big fat carry all and I carry it all just in case.  Thanks to Rite Aid, here’s what’s in my Louis right now!


  • Duo Eyelash Glue –  I never leave home without this product.  I only purchase it in grey because it dries black which gives more drama as it blends into your eyeliner along your upper lid.  If you wear eyelashes like I do, it’s not classy to have them falling off in the middle of a conversation or during your appearance… no matter where you are.
  • Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set –  If you know me, then you know my make up is important to me, but it’s only useful if applied with the right tools.  Quick touch ups are fast and easy when you can pull professional brushes out of your bag and do a 20 second touch up before your meeting or first encounter.
  • Carmex Cherry Chapstick –  I leave these all over the house and buy them like candy.  Soft, supple, healthy lips are key.  There’s just something about your lips tasting and smelling like cherries….
  • Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat – Sometime all your manicure needs is another clear top coat to freshen your nail color.  I only use quick dry simply because I don’t have time for anything else.
  • Conair Bun Maker – In the Summer, I like my hair untamed, tousled and bright blond.  Sometimes though, I just need to get it off my shoulders and whipping it back into a messy bun can be just as sexy.
  • Maybelline Master Bronze – When I’m feeling pale and need a little oomph I love reaching for this bronzer and adding an instant tan to my face, neckline and collar bone.  I feel like a hot Britney Spears when I’m done, (but then I wake up and realize I’m not on the Vegas stage).  But hey, I still look good.
  • Wet and Wild Eyeliner – This along with the other products is perfect for touch ups and perfect to change your look from day to sultry night.  I like to add black liner along the inside of my lower lid and along the outside of the lower lash line.  Afterwards I smudge the liner along my lower lid for a softer look.  It’s kind of my thing.  Yes, I’ll let you borrow the idea.
  • Cover Girl Bombshell Intensity Liner – The name had me at hello quite honestly.  I love the cat eye black liner look especially when worn with fake lashes along the top lid.  If your lashes aren’t placed perfectly this liner can hide your mistake and still make your eye look super glam.  I also love the wand and the small size.
  • Revlon ColorStay Shadow Links – These are so fun and super cute. I enjoy their small size and I can interchange them and easily throw them in my make up bag when I’m on the go.  Another great selling point is they are made with a “Color Stay” formula.  A color that stays definitely has my interest.
  • Revlon Photo Ready Skinlights – I am in love with anything that shimmers (Thanks to Jlo and lots of bronzer).  This product is beautiful on your skin when placed along the top of your cheekbones, your collar bone and just under your brow along the brow bone.  It’s another secret of mine.  I just love how this makes me glow in the sunlight and glisten in the candlelight.





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