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As I approach another year of 39, (I refuse to turn 40), I realize more than ever now that my nighttime skin regimen is just as important as breathing oxygen. “Firming” and “lifting” are two words I have been hearing a lot of lately between my doctor, my personal trainer and my dermatologist. Even though I have  been working hard  to fight the signs of aging since I was 18, I’m more into it now than ever before.

Just recently, I was introduced to BeautyCounter Skincare. BeautyCounter carries several products available for all sorts of needs including; exfoliation, cleansing, hair care, lip hydration & polishing creams. The Countertime Collection is one I’ve been the most excited about. The collection consists of a Soothing Face Wash, Enlightening Treatment Pads, Radiance Firming Complex, Uplifting Day Cream, Restorative Night Cream, and Vibrant Eye Perfector. All known to be deeply hydrating, nourishing, firming and lifting formulas that fight the signs of aging. All six products are made up of all natural, botanical ingredients. You can take a closer look at each product below.

Soothing Face Wash, $40

BeautyCounter Soothing Face Wash




Enlightening Treatment Pads, $40

Beautycounter Enlightening Treatment Pads



Radiance Firming Complex, $60







Uplifting Day Cream, $70


Beautycounter Uplifting Day Cream






Restorative Night Cream, $70


Vibrant Eye Perfector, $55



To order these products or to view the rest of BeautyCounter collections including those for kids,  visit  Jill Sorenson is available to be your personal consultant.



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