How to Dress for a Killer Presentation

So you’re a working mom and you need to know what to wear for your next presentation. Giving a memorable presentation isn’t just about delivering good content. It’s also about feeling good about yourself and delivering the content with confidence. Many times I’ve seen women give presentations while fidgeting with their clothes, rearranging their necklaces between slide one and slide two and consistently moving their bangs away from their eyes so they can see their own audience. I’ve also seen a very successful and stunningly beautiful presenter take off her Christian Louboutin 5 inch heels and THROW them to the side without skipping a beat in her speech. Yes. That really happened. I’m still not over that one!

When giving a presentation you want your audience to be engaged with what you’re saying. The audience should be learning and connecting with you. Once you start fidgeting or rearranging yourself in front of an audience, expect to lose a good percentage of their undivided attention.

Below are a few tips I recommend following for your next speaking engagement. Remember: A confident woman is a beautiful one. Be sure to look and feel amazing. I promise a perfect delivery will follow and your audience will beg you for more.

Tip 1: Make Sure Hair is Perfect

Slick your hair up in a bun, slick it back in a sleek pony or if you must leave it down, spray it in place so it doesn’t get in your way. If you’re giving a presentation at work and you look like you just got out of bed, you’re in trouble. Looking polished will make your words more believable.

Professional hair styles

Tip 2: Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

Loosing focus in front of everyone because your blouse is too big and constantly falling forward or your dress hangs on you like a bag isn’t good.  A nice fit and a tailored look is the more professional way to go.

Dress to impress at work


Tip 3: Wear Great Shoes

We all know I can’t get enough of my high heels!  Although,  I don’t expect you to wear them as high as I do but I do recommend wearing a great shoe that ties in your outfit.  During your presentation, your clothes shouldn’t be distractingly bright. But you can add a great shoe with a pop of color for added style.

Killer Shoes For A Killer Presentation



Tip 4:  Carry One Great Bag

Sometimes audience members will pour in early to get a good seat.  The last thing you want them to see is you walking in a hot mess with a cell phone in one hand, a handbag, your folders under your arm and a laptop bag in the other hand and then dropping it all on the first table you see.  Calm and collected is how you should walk in with one fabulous carry all.  It doesn’t have to be expensive but it should be structured and big enough to carry everything you need.

Are you presenting? Walk in the room with the perfect handbag.



Tip 5: Keep Jewelry Simple

When it comes to jewelry, my main message continues; keep it simple so your audience isn’t distracted.  Follow the usual rule and take off one thing before you enter the room.  I recommend a great statement necklace OR button earrings that compliment your outfit.  A watch is quite fine but leave your 100 bangles at home.  Your audience will walk away still hearing the chimes of the bangles instead of letting your content soak in.

Choose one and make a statement

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