Riteaid-logoRite Aid has something very helpful when it comes to your health and watching your pennies. Introducing the Rite Aid reward program called wellness+. As soon as you sign up for wellness+, you’ll receive valuable service rewards and members-only savings. Then, your savings and wellness+ points will quickly add up. Members who reach gold status which equal 1,000 points, can save 20% off storewide for an entire year. Those who reach silver status and earn 500 points, will receive 10% off storewide plus a free wellness reward. Clients who receive 250 points and reach bronze status will receive 10% off Rite Aid Brand for one year and a 10% off one-time savings pass.

Once the new year comes, your points will be reset to zero on January 1st. Your membership level and discount earned as of 12/31/14 will remain for all of 2015. The points reset will not affect your ability to shop and save in-store or online. You can continue to earn wellness+ points and receive any tier level discount, earned as of 12/31/14, on eligible purchases. Want to learn more and sign up today? Click HERE.

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