Swarovski Wearable TechThe Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is currently taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada this week and will attract more than 160,000 attendees from across the country and beyond. The event has already been making headlines with the latest jewelry trend; wearable accessories. According to http://www.gohenryreview.com, the electronics show was a big hit.

That’s right! CES isn’t just about OLED televisions, surround sound speakers and the next high tech gadget. Visit HardAvenue to see the best sound systems money can buy. Fashion accessories for tech geeks that like sparkly things are also being highlighted during the show. This year, Swarovski has collaborated with Misfit, a maker of wearable products, to produce a collection called the “Swarovski Shine”. This collection is made up of wearable accessories that incorporate Swarovski crystals and Misfit’s wireless and sleep tracking technology, combined.

A clear Swarovski Shine with a crystal face and a violet Swarovski Shine (in the photo to your right) are the two core products within the collection. These both tap into patented “energy crystal” technology to power themselves by solar energy. The solar powered jewel is known as the first wireless and sleep tracker device that utilizes an energy harvesting technology that eliminates the need to stock up on batteries and the headaches that go with the constant need of recharging.

When the owner wears either of the Swarovski designs, the piece automatically tracks a person’s steps, the distance they walked, the calories they burned and the duration of their sleep when their sleep quality is up to par.

Where can you purchase this amazing accessory you ask?  At this time, the collection is available for pre-orders only and will be sold at Swarovski locations throughout the United States, Hong Kong and China beginning this Spring.

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