IMG_7070The new year is bringing great things to Glamorous Moms. During 2014, I’ve taken all of your criticisms (thank you by the way) and advice and am ready to push through 2015 with confident changes. Changes that will brighten your computer screen, give you a pep in your step and even make you feel skinny when you look in the mirror.

Many of our posts are ads, promotions or news related posts that keep you informed. I’ve received many emails from readers asking to hear from me. Shannon Lazovski. As I see things, And what I like to wear to events like red carpet events and mommy days at the cider mill. What products I really like to use and why. Okay well, you asked for it. “Go Glam or Go Home” is a new section here on Glamorous Moms that will be written by me with my opinions and thoughts about all the beautiful things in life that I love and love to do!

Just like many Capricorns, I have been very disciplined and reserved but moving forward, I’ll be pushing myself out of my comfort zone and letting you into my life a little more than I have been. Here you will shop with me, travel with me, eat with me and dream with me. Together we will motivate each other to live glamorous lives and see a glamorous person when we look in the mirror. There will be no rhyme or reason to what I blog about here other than the fact that if I love it and it’s glam in my eyes, it’s going to be written about here!

From here on out, Go Glam or Go Home is what I’m going to be all about. I hope you like hearing from me.


Go glam or go home,


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