Rene RuizRene Ruiz is defined by his fusion of modern glamour with expert craftsmanship when it comes to is clothing. He has a passion for creating designs that are both modern and hip. As Miami’s hottest name in fashion, Ruiz blends contemporary details with refined sex appeal. He is renowned among socialites and celebrities from New York to LA and Dallas to Dubai.

“A lot of people identify my designs as having a Miami flair because I believe I am a product of this city. All of the culture and people around us have created an ideal setting, fueling my work with inspiration,” Ruiz says. “I interpret classic silhouettes with a modern glamorous feel.”

Dressing in classic silhouettes and a modern glamorous feel is what dressing like a glamorous mom is all about, in my opinion! Rene Ruiz just released his Spring 2015 collection featuring formal wear,  evening gowns and ready-to-wear dresses that can be purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue and boutiques throughout Southern Florida.





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