Tacori Promise BraceletEvery woman wants a promise from the man she loves.  She may even be secretly hoping for a token of desire, a reminder that she’s in his thoughts, a token of true friendship, a promise that he’ll see her again or a promise that he’ll stay…..Whatever she’s waiting on, Tacori can help any man convince the woman he loves what’s in his heart. We all know the quote “a diamond is forever”.  But what if, just if she just needs a little something less than a diamond but something true to hold on to to soothe her heart for the time being?

Tacori’s Promise Bracelet lets you lock in your loved ones – literally.  Guys give her the promise she’s been waiting to hear and use the key to make sure she can’t get loose. Each Tacori promise bracelet has a connection chain to make sure the bond doesn’t break.  This lockable bracelet has just the right amount of simplicity and character. These promises are available in yellow gold, rose gold, and silver with mixed metal and encrusted version also available. You know what she’s waiting to hear….Tell her with a Tacori promise bracelet.

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