I Highly Recommend Luxury Travel to Florida!

Traveling to Miami, Florida with no kids was one of the finest ideas ever. My husband and I travelled to this hot destination with a few other like-minded fabulous couples with a fun filled schedule in hand to keep us busy. Not the boring site seeing kind of busy but the extravagant “Hey I’m a rock star” kind of busy. A dream for most parents and certainly a trip I was able to check off my bucket list! When you’re done reading this and my other Miami blog posts, my goal is for you to visit Miami and South Beach the way I did! I can’t keep all this hotness just for me. You’ve got to experience this beautiful place.

To start, we stayed at the very glamorous (yes I use this word all the time, but it is glamorous) Ritz Carlton, South Beach. This hotel consists of 375 luxurious guest rooms, including two to-die-for poolside lanai wings Miami beach style. More than 20,000 sq. ft. of exceptional South Beach conference facilities which you won’t need if you are simply vacationing but you will enjoy what I thought was heaven and that is the 16,000-square-foot Ritz-Carlton Spa. I’ll share more on the spa a bit later. Yes, it too is glamorous.


The Ritz is in a prime location.  It’s within walking distance to Miami’s Ocean Drive, Lincoln Road and the hot South Beach nightlife. Being my first time here, The Ritz had me at hello when I saw the pool and how close it is to the ocean. If you know me, you know I love the ocean. It’s a part of me. I think about it everyday and I yearn to be close to it. It’s just something I cannot explain, so this Detroiter was in heaven…. at hello. But then, I realized Miami shopping was in walking distance of the Ritz. Another love affair of mine that is not a secret. These are the reasons why I’m raving about the Ritz Carlton, South Beach. Location, location, location!

South Beach

During our down time, the Ritz pool was the place to meet. I didn’t mind the price of the $18 Mojitos; I loved laying at the pool soaking up the Florida sun watching the tan pool boys lather up their clients in the cabanas for $20. Ha ha. You think I’m joking? How else would I know the price of this luxurious service? But in all seriousness, the infinity pool was gorgeous and we had a few great sunny days soaking up the sun like locals and a few fun nights hosting our private parties at the pool making Miami our home.

Ritz Carlton South Beach Pool

When we weren’t at the pool or on the beach, the ladies and I were at the spa. What’s a glamorous vacation without the spa?  There isn’t one and let me tell you, it really doesn’t get any more glamorous than a Ritz spa. The spa offers La Maison de Beauté Carita treatments along with a long list of European services and beauty rituals. I only experienced three but it has 14 treatment rooms, relaxing lounges, a full-service salon and two couples suites.  It’s also known for their rhythm massage, which entails services with Latin music to get you feeling right at home. I experienced a 50 minute Signature Massage and a DiLido Classic Manicure and Pedicure.  I was thrilled with the results of all three services.  It’s always sad though when my spa services come to an end;-)

After being pampered, we decided to go for a walk down the beach and then head back along Ocean Drive. The entriquing Ocean Drive was fun to walk.  Along the way we noticed Wet Willies, The Villa by Barton G aka The Versace Mansion or now known as The Villa, Casa Casaurina (you can read about the Villa in my next “must read” blog post), and stopped at Mango’s Tropical Cafe for drinks and appetizers.

Ocean Drive

Our walk was fun but we had a great evening planned so getting back to the room soon was crucial. Where were we headed? At 8:00 pm, we had a $65 million parking garage in the center of the city reserved just for us and a few more couples. Created by Herzog & de Meuron, the parking garage resembles a gigantic loft apartment, with exaggerated ceilings, wide-open 360-degree views of South Beach and Miami and no exterior walls for prime viewing. The structure, sits at 1111 Lincoln Road. If you aren’t married, I claim this as one of my top ten destinations for your fabulous wedding.  If you run a business or a travel department and are looking for a location in Miami to host a private party for clients, please look into this beauty.  Your guests will be amazed by the location, the architecture and the views of Southern Florida.

Herzog & Meuron's Parking Structure


The music, the view and the catered food for the evening was superb.  It was a magical evening filled with good friends, good wine, good music and views that took both my mind and my breath away. On that note, when one has a night like this, one isn’t in bed by 10:00 pm.  Needless to say, it was quite a late night & we needed to relax a bit on the beach the next day;-)

South Beach

The next night, we rented out “The Mansion“.  Here the same group from the night before wore their best party gear, walked past the red ropes and walked through the double doors for a VIP night of fun.  Yes, we rented it out and the party was private.  You know, moms don’t always get this type of treatment on a day-to-day basis.  But it was glamorous. And, I couldn’t resist. The food here though was not much to blog about.  Fries, burgers and foods one must avoid when wearing an LBD but the DJ was great and the vibe was very Miami so shutting down the place was what we strived for.


After a few nights out, we wanted to recoup with some retail therapy.  Yes shopping! If you’ve never been shopping in Miami, put it on your “to-do” list while you’re in town. Our first stop was the Design District.  Located between Midtown and Wynwood, this little shopping neighborhood was both quaint and luxurious, loaded with great finds.  The outdoor mall included Marc by Marc Jacobs, Cartier, Emilio Pucci, Celine, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and lots more. Afterwards we hit Lincoln Road Mall.  This was one of my favorite places to shop. Lincoln Road is Miami Beach’s outdoor mall with great shopping and dining options.  It’s just north of Collins Avenue with tons of my favorite retailers, like Kiko, Urban Outfitters, Victoria’s Secret, Penguin, Banana Republic, Anthropologie, and Athleta. There, we had dinner at Spris, known for their award winning pizza.

Thanks for reading.  Watch for my blog post on more shopping in Miami and my visit to The Villa, Casa Casaurina (Versace Mansion) and Liv at Fontainebleau. I can’t wait to share those experiences with you!

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