Omsignal Smart Bra

Your Bra Can Be Smart Too!

Not interested in a smart watch to help you with your New Year’s resolution? How about a sports bra? After all, it’s something you have to wear when exercising right? OMsignal (a Canadian company) is launching a “smart” bra for fitness techie gurus interested in the next best wearable at the International Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas.

Back in 2014, the company released a collection of smart shirts for men, and now they are adding a product for women that’s interested in wearable health-tracking tech.

The company first came up with the idea quite some time ago, but the idea was lacking certain capabilities to make it successful. A team of sports bra designers and engineers collaborated on the design after 1,633 prototypes. Now after much research and tests they’re ready to announce to the world what they’ve come up with.

The smart bra is made with a four-way stretchable fabric that conforms to the body. The garment tracks breathing rate, heart rate, and calories burned during exercise. How you say? The bra includes sensors on it’s lower band. The data collected from the sensors is shared with the OMsignal mobile app and a feature called OMrun geared to help runners manage their performance.

The internal biometric coach that is part of the app lines up your biometric effort and compares it with your personal targets. The fun part is the app entails a coach that gives pep talks when you’re not pushing yourself hard enough and provides verbal support to help you reach set targets. It’s like working out with a trainer but without the hourly rate!

The OMbra promises style and the support women need and want when they are running and exercising. The smart bra will run close to $149 and will launch in Spring of 2016.



Photo – OMsignal

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