It’s time to celebrate! Along with the Summer Olympics, now is the time to also celebrate the 4th of July! So, in other words, it’s time to bump up our team USA spirit. Whether you plan on spending the holiday weekend sweating it out at that yoga retreat or bbq-ing locally with friends and family, athleisure clothes might tickle your fancy.

Luxury activewear boutique Sweat NSK has set us up with a curated selection of Independence Day looks that scream “Team USA” without compromising our fashion integrity. Enjoy 20% from July 1st – July 5th.  Want to shop online?  Type in promo code JULY4OFF for online discounts.




stars black yoga


ocean yoga




A classic choice with a chic makeover –  stars and stripes innoir, marble and crimson from Ultracor, Vie Active, LNA, and Zoe Karssen are enough of a star-spangled statement that you can still wear them year round.


white cut out

red yoga

blue sweats

white mesh

Feeling extra celebratory? Handle your morning sprint (or morning coffee) in some liquid red or blue Koral leggings and a mesh tee to match, or Zoe Karssen’s Matchbook Sweatpants for a red, white, & blue look that is unquestionably sexy, stylish and festive.


To view more of these festive and comfy athleisure clothes, click here to shop Sweat NSK for yourself or a friend.  Happy 4th!

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