Long Luscious Lashes

They’re sometimes hard to get if they don’t come naturally and we all want luscious lashes. Follow these five easy rules to get the lashes you’ve been drooling over in your Instagram feed. Perfect, long and pretty natural eyelashes are possible for you too!

1. Use an Eyelash Curler
An eyelash curler can easily help make your lashes look longer. All a curler does is curls the lashes and makes them more upright rather than allowing them to stick straight out. Be sure to curl lashes from the lash base upward for best results and always apply before applying mascara.

2. Let Mascara Dry Between Applications
Many of us want and need at least two coats of mascara. It’s important to be patient and let the coats dry in between. Why? Letting the mascara set inbetween coats will allow itself to build upon each layer instead clumping together and not spreading evenly.

3. Use a Lash Comb/Brush 
Lash combs and brushes don’t have to be expensive to work. These eyelash must-haves can be found a Target, Rite Aid, Sally’s Beauty Supply and even your local dollar store. Avoid chunky and unwanted clumps by combing lashes after each coat of mascara. Lashes that clump together tend to look shorter and messy.

4. Find a Mascara you Like and Stick with It
Mixing mascaras and mixing formulas isn’t really that great of an idea. Find one great mascara that you love and that your lashes love and stick with it! You’ll get used to it’s consistency when brand new and as it ages. Once you know more about the product, you can manipulate it and use it to your best advantage, getting the results you enjoy.

5. Stick with a Daily Lash Regimen
We’re so busy with our hair and fitness, sometimes we forget our lashes need attention too! Lash conditioners, primers and growth treatments such as Latisse can all help stimulate eyelash growth. Also, be patient here. The best results may not be visible until 3-4 months.


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