Being a Working Mom Takes a Toll on Your Skin

I know it does on mine. Keeping up with a good skincare regimen can be hard. What does it mean to be a working mom of two kids? It means very early mornings, work, daily stress, multi-tasking, rushing, worrying, lots of driving, meetings, loving, conference calls, rushing some more, work, driving to and from sports, late nights of homework, a nice glass of red wine (which can dehydrate the skin). And that is not always the order of the day! Am I right?

All of these added stressors, lack of sleep and wine at the end of the night (don’t judge, a glass is needed at times) can and will start to show in your skin. Fine lines, crow’s feet, dry skin, saggy skin and a tired looking face is sometimes what we will see in the mirror if we don’t make ourselves follow through with a daily and nightly regimen and drink lots of water.

As a blogger, I have been handed some pretty amazing products. You’d think my skin would be flawless but it’s not. My work is still cut our for me just like everyone else. Recently, I started working with Sara Beaton of Crave and Savor. Sarah believes in all things natural and organic in the kitchen and within her beauty regimen. After learning more about her connection with Neal’s Yard Remedies, I quickly learned the Frankincense Intense Collection is a mommy life saver.

The Frankincense Collection consists of three skincare products. First, the facial cream. The facial cream leaves your skin feeling moisturized, more supple, firmer in the right places and smoother all the way around. It’s NYR’s natural organic alternative to synthetic anti-aging creams and treatments on the market. The cream is made to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, made to firm, tone and boost the suppleness of the skin.

Second, the eye cream. The Frankincense Intense eye cream is an age-defying eye cream made to reduce puffiness in just seven days. It’s also made to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and boost elasticity. With active ingredients that include organic, wild-harvested frankincense, gardenia stem cells, a 3-peptide complex and organic argan, this product has all the right natural ingredients to keep skin looking youthful and smooth.

Last within the trio of the Intense collection is the Instantly Age-Defying Concentrate. The facial serum is a product that is silky to the touch but is in a gel-like form. The active ingredients are quite the same as the eye cream and is made to give instant hydration and firmness.

Click here to contact Sarah Beaton directly or to shop NYR’s remedies and products.

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