Sometimes You Just Want to Wear All Black from Head to Toe

Personally, I do love to wear black.  I always feel confident, thin, and ready to take on whatever the day holds when I wear black.  Black is typically my go-to color for most events but I’ve really been feeling like black clothes this week in lieu of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, the natural tragedies in the islands and the people struggling in Mexico City.

It’s been a dark couple of weeks and I hope those who are hurting, who are struggling to find the reasons why, the reason to smile and the reason to continue, will find their way. For today, I’m wearing black to be smooth and simple. I’m not craving attention but looking for peace and comfort. Comfort in a dress that’s simple, easy and yes, all black.

Shannon Lazovski Norma Kamali Dress

Dress: Norma Kamali // Boots: Aldo Shoes // Statement Ring: The Spoiled Girl

I don’t know what it is about this Norma Kamali dress. I wore it when I first met Tim Gunn. I also wore it when I landed my first contract for The Lazov Agency and the first time I attended Fashion in Detroit. I also wore this dress when I read my eulogy for my grandfather’s funeral.  It’s truly been a staple in my life and has “held my hand” if you will, through many important days. And today, this little black dress brings me the comfort I need to reflect on what is going on in the world as I pray for everyone who is struggling….

Shannon Lazovski Smiles in Norma Kamali

Shannon Lazovski Smiles in Norma Kamali

Do you have a “go-to” dress or outfit for certain times in your life? Do you tend to lean on the same item of clothing time after time? As I retire my “go-to” Norma Kamali dress, I encourage you to retire your favorite item of clothing you tend to wear too much, along with me. Sometimes it’s okay to hide behind hat makes you comfortable but its also good to purge your normal clothing choice and move on too. I hope that you all are finding solstice in the good around you. There is good, I promise.  I encourage you all to be strong and to move on from whatever you may be holding on to too tightly. Together, let’s look for the good and purge whatever is keeping us comfortable.  We must move on from whatever it is that holds us back even if it is just a go-to dress that is relied on way too much.

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  • Shannon, I couldn’t agree more. Do you donate items or just toss them? I have so much I need to get rid of this year.

  • Shannon Lazovski
    Shannon Lazovski
    September 16, 2019 6:04 pm

    Hi Naomi! OMG, long time, girl! How are you? I donate almost always. Very rarely though, I will try to sell the item at a discounted price if its designer and expensive….

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