Lipstick: Tips, Tricks and How to Wear it

It’s true that I love lipstick, lip liners and lip gloss.  I also don’t discriminate against lip stains, liquid mattes, lip moisturizers (tinted or not), glosses, or lip creams. The one think I get a lot of compliments on is my lipstick color and how my lips are shaped. I’m a huge advocate for leaving the house “ready” and my lips are always on point. Lipstick is one thing I never leave home without.

To everyone who compliments my lips and lipsticks, thank you.  Here are ten rules I go by everyday when it comes to applying my favorite lipstick looks.

Shannon Lazovski Neutral Lips

Dress: BCBG // Mascara: Diorshow by Dior // Lashes: Ardell Wispies // Foundation: Revlon ColorStay // Bronzer: Les Beiges by Chanel // Eyes & Cheeks: Urban Decay Naked3 Palette // Lips: Dana by Glameselle

1. Use Foundation for the Perfect Nude Lip

When looking to do a “perfect” nude lip, I love to use foundation over the outline of my lips to make them match my skin tone. This gives you a neutral palette to work with and will neutralize the natural pink or red you have in your lips allowing you to go as nude as possible. After you apply the foundation, line lips with a neutral lipliner and then apply lipstick.  I always like to apply a little extra or a lighter shade in the pout for a more poutier look. A pouty nude lip is my FAV!

Shannon Lazovski Red Blazer Pink Lips

Lips: Lipstick called “Dana” by Glameselle, Lipliner by Glameselle in Blackberry

2. Plump Up Those Lips

Yes, it’s true, a sexier fuller lip is hot! For plumper lips, apply liner just outside your natural lip line and gently rub in with your finger to make the line “not so” apparent. Gently dab a nude lipstick in the pout of the bottom lip and blend slightly with a lip brush to even out color.

Dark lipstick will last longer if you line your lips and then color them in with the liner before applying the matching lipstick. This also holds true for a nude lip just make sure it’s the right shade of nude to match your lipstick. This rule is the same for lip gloss. Lip gloss tends to wear off quickly but if the lips are filled in with a liner the gloss will stay on much longer!

3.  Always Use a Matching Lipliner

Now, being matchy matchy in this case is okay.  It’s not hard to find the right lipliner color when working with reds and darker colors. There are a lot of good nudes out there too! You may have a hard time finding the the right shade you are looking for because the color that goes on your skin versus what you see in packaging isn’t always the same. That’s okay though, take your time. Just be sure the liner you choose is not more than two shades darker and be sure to blend your liner with a brush or your finger to get rid of the hard line. Blending is key!

Shannon Lazovski Pink Lips

4. Eyes vs. Lips

I make it a rule to never wear a dark smokey eye and dark lips at the same time.  I’m extremely uncomfortable having so much color and dark make up on my face at once. If you want to wear red lipstick, keep the rest of your makeup neutral and natural looking. If you want eyes that stand out, create a nice, dark smoky eye and keep your lips natural with a nude hue or gloss. You’ll see me wear a played up eye way more than a dark lip. It’s personal preference really, just be sure to choose one or the other – one that makes you feel your best.

5. Try a Long-Lasting Lip Stain or Liquid Matte

Lip stains and long-lasting liquid matte lipsticks are great for long, busy days. Stains last forever and are great if you don’t have the time to reapply.  

6. Don’t Throw Out a Lipstick Color You Don’t Like

Never throw out your lipstick if you buy the wrong color!  Instead, blend it with another lipstick. Blending lipsticks is easy to do and can be fun too.

Shannon Lazovski Pink Lips

7. Use Lipstick as Blush

If you love to make sure the make up colors on your face all make sense like I do, then this is a great trick for you! The consistency of cream (traditional) lipstick is very similar to a cream blush. To use lipstick as a blush, dab a few dots on the apples of your cheeks and gently blend with a blending sponge. Blend, blend and spread the color up to your hair-line to spread color evenly. Note: I do not recommend a liquid matte lipstick for this tip.

8. Fix and Save Broken Lipstick

If your lipstick breaks, don’t throw it out. Take off the broken portion with a tissue, warm the broken piece of lipstick with a lit match. When its soft, put it back on the base, swivel it down and blend sides with fingers mending the broken lines. Place lipstick in the fridge, uncovered in for 30 minutes.

9. Lipstick Gone?

No it’s not! When your lipstick seems “empty” there’s still plenty left inside the tube. Use a lip brush to get the remainder out of the capsule and use it. You might be pleasantly surprised how much longer your lipstick lasts if you do this.

10. Lips Dry?

Sometimes people have a hard time wearing matte lipsticks but love to wear them. It’s a love hate affair that I’m determined to help you make work. Lips tend to get very dry with some matte lipsticks so be sure to exfoliate your lips daily with a sugar scrub or even your toothbrush after brushing. Each night before bed, use a lip moisturizer or organic coconut oil on your lips at bedtime (I do this every night). What else can you do to keep your lips hydrated? Drink lots of water! If you aren’t hydrating from the inside, your lips will always be dry not matter how hard you try to fix them. 

What lipstick rules do you go by and what is your favorite trick when applying?  Share your tips with me in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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