Let’s Solve Food Waste and Feed the Hungry

I’m thrilled to tell you about a produce delivery service with a social mission to eliminate food waste while feeding the hungry. Hungry Harvest, which recently launched in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor, purchases fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms and wholesalers that would go to waste for being too ugly, too small, too large and sells it at an affordable price to subscribers. Customizable produce boxes are sold through a pay-as-you-go system and are delivered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to subscribers’ homes. Prices per delivery range between $15 and $55 depending on the order. If desired, subscribers can request what fruits and vegetables they’d like to receive and add specialty items, including eggs, granola and other kitchen staples. This is a great opportunity to eat healthy from the convenience of your own home while helping to benefit the health of the other people and the planet.

Shannon Lazovski Hungry Harvest

I recently received my shipment and was pleasantly surprised with the selection and the size of each piece of food. My shipment was called the Super Organic Harvest and consisted of organic avocados, bosc pears, cabbage, grapefruit, grapes, onions, oranges, parsnips, portobello mushrooms and cauliflower.

Here’s how it works… Hungry Harvest rescues harvest by finding the produce that’s destined to go uneaten and finds it a home. They curate and you, as the subscriber customize your selection. Then, they deliver your box of produce directly to your home with a reminder text and  a ink to track your driver when he/she is on the way. Every delivery saves 10 pounds of produce from going to waste and support the work of local hunger-solving organizations.

Hungry Harvest Box

Hungry Harvest Avocado Grapefruit

Every Hungry Harvest delivery rescues at least 10 pounds of food from going to waste and, in Detroit, will support the work of Forgotten Harvest, a nonprofit organization that delivers food free of charge to emergency food providers across Michigan. Since their founding in 2014, they’ve rescued more than eight million pounds of produce. 

Hungry Harvest is just three years old, and has already reduced over 8 million pounds of food from going to local landfills and provided access to over 700,000 pounds of produce through markets and generous donations to people in need.

Looking to make an order of your own? Visit hungryharvest.net to sign up, to place your order and to help solve food waste and food hunger all while feeding your family at the same time.  New customers and Glamorous Moms readers looking to sign up for delicious produce delivery and to join the company’s food empowering mission are welcome to use code HEALTHYMI for $5 off their first box. Eating healthy and solving world hunger is always glamorous.


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