Take Care of your Skin with Aruba Aloe

If you follow me on social media then you know I am a frequent flyer to the beautiful island of Aruba and love Aruba Aloe products! My first visit was twenty-one years ago before the island was found by the many tourists that visit today. Still, its a beautiful destination and an island we call our second home each Summer.

Aruba Aloe and Shannon Lazovski

A few years ago, during our family trip, we purchased an after-sun lotion called Aruba Aloe and I’ve been in love with the brand ever since. Now, year after year, Aruba is our family vacation destination. It’s hard to hide from the sun in Aruba and to be quite honest, that’s the last thing we do when we are there.  Fun in the sun, umbrella drinks under grass huts, ocean and snorkeling excursions and beach life, every singe day, is how I describe our time there so protecting and taking care of my skin is really important.

Aruba Aloe Balm N.V.

Founded in 1890, by Cornelis Eman, Aruba Aloe Balm N.V. is the oldest Aloe Company in the world and one of the first companies to formulate and manufacture aloe-based skin, hair & sun care products. Aloe plants are grown right on property at Aruba Aloe. Aruba’s desert-like environment reinforces the aloe plant’s natural healing qualities and produces the earth’s most potent Aloe Vera Gel.

Aruba Aloe Museum

Aruba Aloe Testing Counter

Guests who visit Aruba Aloe Balm N.V. can view the beautiful aloe fields and tour the Aruba Aloe Museum where the history of the brand is on display as well as the factory where the products are made. In the factory, the staff hand cuts the leaf within hours of harvest to protect its rich nutrients and then sends it through production to create beautiful skin care products that can be purchased in their beautiful showroom. The tour also allows guests to view the aloe cutting room, the testing lab, the filling room, even packing and storage rooms.  It’s a unique and fun experience for the kids and I personally stock up on all my favorite products while I’m there! We use half of them during our stay and take the rest home to keep our tans healthy and long living.

Aruba Aloe Green Bottles

Aruba Aloe Pink Skincare Bars

Aruba Aloe Shannon Lazovski

I’m such a fan of products that work and am very supportive of the island’s culture and heritage and Aruba Aloe plays a huge role in the island’s heritage. Not to mention the products are so unique in its countless benefits. Planning on visiting Aruba and want to visit their shop and museum? Aruba Aloe Balm N.V. opened up its first retail location in 2000. It’s located on the premises of Aruba Aloe’s vast aloe fields in Hato, Aruba.

Aruba Aloe Field

The collection of stores has now grown to 16 stores throughout Aruba and can be found near the high rise hotels and downtown in Oranjestad. Click here to order products online.


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