Brighten Up your Wardrobe to Brighten your Mood

If you know me, then you know I wear a lot of black clothes and dresses.  I am working on an editorial that allows me to share how I can wear a little black dress in 101 different ways. It’s really easy. At least, it is for me. See, it’s not about being down or about being depressed. It’s about class, timeless fashion and wearing a color that is acceptable in every aspect of my life.

Shannon Lazovski Orange Dress

On a daily basis, I wear many hats. On a normal Tuesday, I may have to meet with clients from The Lazov Agency, then sell my lipsticks to a local spa with charm, facts and a trustworthy product, then I may have to take photos and video of a brand that has hired me to represent them as an influencer and then visit the principal’s office because my genius child corrected the teacher when her percentages on global warming were incorrect.

As a working mom, a businesswoman and an influencer, I need to be “on” every hour of the day and be ready to say, “yes” to opportunities (or hardships) that God throws at me. Black is my go-to color. It’s no secret. But there are times when I feel like wearing a brighter color. One that says, “here I am” and one that is acceptable for my daily challenges.

Shannon Lazovski Black Dress Stacy London Interview

“Black is a color that is taken seriously,” says a fashion and style expert, Karen Haller. When I wear black, nothing can stop me. I promise.

Shannon Lazovski Orange Dress Headshot

When I wear bright colors, I’m feeling warmer, softer, happier and may have a more gentle approach to the day. But don’t get that confused with soft. I conquer the day like a beast, but with a prettier intention. 😉

I love to wear cobalt blue, yellow, fuchsia, hot pink, orange, and red when I’m feeling colorful. Orange resembles mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. Qualities I try to exude on a daily basis to those around me.

Shannon Lazovski Cobalt Blue Dress

Cobalt blue calls to mind, feelings of calmness or serenity, but it’s truly my power color! It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly. I feel very dignified and strong in cobalt blue. If it’s contract signing day and I show up in cobalt blue, I’m walking out with that contract signed and delivered. Believe it.

Shannon Lazovski Orange Dress

Color psychology is a highly influential factor in human behavior and is controlled by a variety of factors including social influences, gender, age, and culture, but for me, I wear what I feel like after I look at my calendar in the morning. Whatever the day holds, I dress for it.

Do you have a color you prefer to wear or a power color that helps you conquer your most challenging days?  Leave a comment below.  I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Sharon Grillsini
    April 15, 2019 7:12 am

    Shannon! Great meeting you at the Project Beautiful event yesterday! This color looks great on you. Keep up the great work. I just love your spirit!

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