Nissan IMs aka ‘Elevated Sports Sedan’ Revealed at Detroit Auto Show

Yes, I found more luxury at NAIAS, and this time it was with Nissan. The Nissan IMs otherwise known as the elevated sports sedan was revealed in Detroit during NAIAS press week, and I was a bit mesmerized by the reveal, to say the least.

The “elevated sports sedan” is said to be elevated because its EV powertrain, which features twin electric motors and a 115kWh battery for 483bhp, 590lb ft and 380 miles of range, survives under the floor, which increases the ride-height. This is not only visible while sitting in the vehicle but one can see the elevation from the outside as well.

Nissan IMs Concept NAIAS 2019

During press week, I was able to speak with a few Nissan representatives, and they filled me in on some details about the vehicle as it made its world premiere. I was taught the design was inspired by some of Nissan’s most successful models. If you look close, you’ll see some similar silhouettes that you’ve seen with Nissan before.

Why was I drawn to this vehicle? Well, it’s not every day you get to be a part of a world premiere, in person. Plus, the smarts are there with the suicide-doors and holographic taillights and the sexy shape of a traditional four-door vehicle that is actually an electric vehicle concept.

To make it a “sport”,  IMs has an electric motor at the front and rear axle that offers a total of 483 horsepower, as mentioned earlier.  A 115-kilowatt-hour battery pack will give the driver an estimated 380-mile range. Drivers have the opportunity to select between fully autonomous motoring or piloting the car the traditional way.

The IMs’s exterior shape has a futuristic feel with both chiseled and smooth lines depending on where you look. Like most sedans, there’s no standard grille, but Nissan still incorporates its trademark V-shaped front end that should come to no surprise. In the back of the vehicle, a thin strip of LED lighting spans the tail.

On the inside, Nissan offers a cabin featuring dark fabric upholstery on the seats and gold-colored accents across the dashboard and door panels. There’s a surprising three-row seating layout that uses two, stowable seats at the very back. This feature was not what many expected. Multiple digital screens are available to the driver in the front. When driving autonomously, the steering wheel retracts, and the driver can turn around to speak with the passengers, so they say. When this happens, the front seats can tilt inward so people in the car can chat easier.

Yes, this is a concept car and rightfully so. Some may love it and some may not, but it is an excellent example of where our designs are going and how futuristic our concepts genuinely are. Soon they won’t be concepts. Soon, they’ll be our natural choices on the lot down the road.


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