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Pudus: Animal-Friendly Fashion Accessories

My favorite things to do on a cold Sunday morning is pour a good cup of coffee, write, and cozy up with warm blankets and my Pudus slippers by the fire.  Oh, and my little Maltese named Louis V is always cozied up next to me on these dreamy mornings. I don’t know what it is, but my creative juices flow on Sunday mornings!

My Pudus slippers keep my feet warm and cozy. If my feet and hands are cold, I can’t concentrate on my writing. The slippers are like heaven when the temps outside are too cold to bare! Another reason why I like Pudus slippers? The brand prides itself as a vegan and animal-friendly brand. Each product is made with an ultra-plush faux-fur lining that is cruelty-free perfect for vegans and vegetarians and anyone who enjoys cozy comfort. Perfect for everyone in the family, prices range from $19.99-$49.99 and they are also available on Amazon (which makes it easy for gift giving)!

Pudus Boot Socks

Named after the smallest species of deer, the Canadian-based brand started out with its classic collection of slipper socks and has now expanded to offer slippers, hats, boot socks, blanket scarves, mittens, and other cozy winter essentials. Aside from the slippers, the boot socks and the blanket scarves are my favorite. The boot socks are self explanatory but the blanket scarves can be used not just for looks and warmth but I also love them for travel! Yes, I’m one of those people who dress up to travel but the plane can get chilly so I cover up with my blanket scarf when the plane ride is cold. Then I use it as a glam accessory and either wear it or carry it when I’m catching my connecting flight or grabbing a cab to the resort. A scarf is more stylish than a big coat and during travel it’s easier to carry and manage when running through the airport!

So whether you’re ready to hop on a plane, or you’re just hanging out at home on a Sunday morning, try a warm & cozy Pudus accessory to keep the chill out. Click HERE to shop the Pudus collection on their website to view my cozy favorites. You won’t be disappointed!

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