Special Occasion Tights, Socks, and Leggings with Lewks x MeMoi

The Holiday season is filled with excitement and fancy occasions! I love dressing up during the holidays, don’t you? Many of you know, I’m a dress girl, but when it’s cold outside I like to wear my dresses with warm tights to keep the chill out! I don’t just wear any kind of tights. Preferably, I like tights that are a little extra special instead of the same old thing. That’s why Lewks x MeMoi has my heart.

Wherever I go, Lewks x MeMoi helps me dazzle with their pretty sheer or opaque tights and cute leggings. Here are my favorites:

Lewks x MeMoi

Sheer Tights and Socks

Velvet Tights and Leggings

Embellished Tights, Leggings, and Socks

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle around the holiday season? Add some glam to your look with embellished leggings, socks, or tights. Or, wear sexy sheer tights for a sophisticated glamorous look! Click HERE to view the Lewks x MeMoi collection.

Disclosure – This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking and shopping, you help support Glamorous Moms and allow me to keep reporting on all things glamorous.

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