Meet Shannon Lazovski

Shannon Lazovski Detroit Glamorous Moms Founder portraitShannon Lazovski is one of Detroit’s original fashion/beauty bloggers and is the local girl who is always in heels. Fourteen years of experience has given her the knowledge and network she needs to successfully run a social media boutique agency, three lifestyle blogs and a beauty brand supporting women in the community, called Glameselle Beauty.

Shannon loves to chair local events representing non-profit organizations to help raise money for those in need and enjoys producing and hosting fashion shows with her favorite local designers.

From a young age, this Michigan blogger has loved fashion, makeup, pretty shoes, shiny things, and beautiful travel destinations.

Growing up, she found a place to fit in by entering the beauty pageant world and in front of the photographer’s lens. Being too short for the runway but loving the business, she found herself excelling with ads, print, and promotional modeling for local companies and the International Auto Show. Little did she know, this was early professional training for her current spokesperson, affiliate and influencer marketing contracts she manages today as a professional blogger and social media strategist.

After becoming a mom to Livia and Mikhail, she quickly found her digital audience by starting a blog as a hobby that allowed her to share her beauty tips, product favs, and fashion advice. Shannon took her promotional modeling and product specialist skills to the blogosphere, and Glamorous Moms was her first blog baby, 14 years ago. Shannon has worked with Tiffany & Co., Kmart, Rite Aid, Meijer, 77 kids, and, Worth New York, and has been seen in Metro Parent Magazine, Styleline Magazine, Dedicated Magazine, and on Fox 2 News Detroit, WXYZ TV 20 and Channel 7 as well as WDIV Channel 4.

Shannon’s mission has always been to reach out to moms with her unique style and positive outlook on motherhood; she strives to help moms “get their groove” back through beauty and fashion choices that make them feel great about themselves. “All moms are glamorous,” she says. “We just have to find that girl she once admired and pull her back out.”

After 14 years of moving mountains in designer heels, Shannon now owns Glamorous Moms, Detroit Fashion News, Detroit Mommies, Glameselle Beauty, and The Lazov Agency (a social media and PR agency) where she assists brands and celebrates good people and products whenever she can.

When Shannon isn’t working, she enjoys traveling with her husband and two children, supporting her all-star cheerleader as a cheer mom, and her boy scout as a scout mom & cuddling with her Maltese puppy, appropriately named Louis V. (aka Louis Vuitton).